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Fielding Drive Public School Gardens

The RPCA Gardening Committee has been able to support the Fielding Drive Public School Gardens by providing volunteers to help maintain the veggie beds, plant a pumpkin patch, create a pollinator garden and renew the ornamental gardens that anchor the school entrance. Produce from the veggie beds is slated for donation to our local food supply.

Located at the Fielding Public School (777 Fielding Dr, Ottawa, ON K1V 7G1), the Fielding Drive Public School Garden is maintained by volunteers from the school and the community.

It includes:

  • Ornamental gardens
  • Vegetable Gardens
  • Pumpkin Patch
  • Pollinator Garden

Soil was generously donated by Growing Up Organic and Manotick Gardens & Landscaping Supplies. Seedlings were generously provided by the Fletcher Wildlife Garden. Land, water and supplies are generously provided by Fielding Drive Public School. Ornamental plants have been sourced from the gardens of our volunteers.