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Meet Some of the Mooney’s Bay Gardeners

We moved to Canada last October, and because of Covid we did not get many opportunities to go out of our home and meet new people.
This Community Garden is helping us spend some time outside of our home, meet our neighbors, and enjoy some family moments. 
And seeing the sprouts coming out of their seeds always brings so much joy.
The utter normalcy in these plants’ growth gives us hope that our lives will someday, in the near future, become normal again!
— Kallyan, Ethila, and Elika


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Thank you to the RPCA Board, Gardening Committee, and volunteers for their tireless effort. Thank you to Councillor Brockington and Brigil Construction for their generous support. Thank you to Just Food for soil and seeds. Thank you to the gardeners and the Riverside Park community for your enthusiasm. A portion of the harvest will be donated to the local food supply.

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