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December 14, 2022 Community Meeting Review

Video review of Dec 14th’s meeting, presentations and discussions by Chapters, Closed Captioned, Transcript and Texting

Concurrent text stream of December 14th Meeting

00:32:30 Sarah & Ron: If on a touch screen, you can zoom in on zoom 😀
00:36:25 Rob VH:
00:39:53 boblaird: Under Minutes–General–first bullet–I think that it should be the SPROTT School of Business at Carleton
00:42:01 Marika Magro: Do we know the winners of the halloween display competition?
00:42:34 Doug Parsonage: Could we get your email Dave to be a part of the dog park meeting?
00:43:20 Rob VH:
00:43:21 Craig and Carolyn: Pls ensure you have permission before posting addresses!
00:44:36 Marika Magro: ok thank you
00:47:20 Carmela Parent: thank you we agree
00:47:30 Craig and Carolyn: 😀
00:47:43 JMV: We agree as well
00:47:56 Rob VH: 👍
00:49:13 Tara Peel: Are we still on the minutes? I have questions about some of the proposed uses at Paget as well, but wondering if this is the time. Thanks.
00:49:27 Craig and Carolyn: A dog park has never been planned nor discussed for Paget
00:50:08 Craig and Carolyn: What happened to the dog park plan at Ernie Calcutt
00:51:46 Craig and Carolyn: Agree JMV
00:52:19 Gabriel Gonzalez: The dog park discussion has been a difficult one as there’s always been push back from neighbours. Last time we discussed dog parks in this group there was a general agreement to look into the hydro corridor and the park near hogs back. Unfortunately that effort has since stalled
00:52:19 Carmela Parent: agree and parking issues plus off leash dog park and non sensory
00:52:43 Craig and Carolyn: What about gardens at Flannery Greens? Huge space there!
00:54:28 Teri Nizzola: Great idea Riley. A full assessment of all our parks in the area is a great strategic approach.
00:57:33 Teri Nizzola: I think community gardens are great. However, we need to make an informed decision based on a full assessment.
00:58:04 Eta: Marble Park, Ernie Calcutt Park and Flannery Green are woefully underutilized and within about a block of one another. I think Riley’s point about macro planning is excellent.
00:58:26 Teri Nizzola: agree Eta.
00:59:30 Carmela Parent: agree and we need to voice for our immediate neighbours and special needs families that will have an impact of lack of non sensory area in public park
01:02:10 Craig and Carolyn: Could someone introduce Rob? Maybe say something about him?
01:04:52 Craig and Carolyn: What is Rob’s last name?
01:05:05 JMV: Thank you Rob. YOU ARE AWESOME !
01:05:16 Rob VH: Rob Vanden Hoven
01:20:25 Terry: On banners, the suggestion was to see if the realtor Mr Crippon would sponsor them.
01:21:22 George Brown: The idea was banners on each of the light posts. Like the flower boxes on Alta Vista
01:28:19 Marika Magro: Anything to make West Walkley Rd beautiful would be a welcome addition.We have a beautiful neighbourhood. I think its a good idea to add some kind of banner.
01:34:12 George Brown: Popyes, Milk Witch, and some sort of cashless convenience store.
01:34:53 Carmela Parent: thank you George Brown- very exciting
01:35:47 Carmela Parent: Well deserved Riley!
01:44:58 Tara Peel: I support a vacant unit tax. I assume that there will be reminders sent out as the deadline approaches? Particularly as this is a new requirement this year, I expect there will be many who misunderstand or overlook their notices. Thanks.
01:45:14 George Brown: Any news on Canoe Bay?
01:47:31 Tara Peel: I have noticed this too at the Revelie.
01:48:44 Carmela Parent: I thought they were supposed to put a parking lane to slow down Brookfield road?
01:49:39 George Brown: A class action lawsuit!
01:49:39 Rob VH: Do you have a timeline for when the repairs will be completed at Jim Durrell?
01:55:00 Rob VH: 👍
01:58:47 Jamieson Dyer (he/il): Can the prioritization of the Transportation Committee be moved up due to the timelines of the comments needed by the City of Ottawa?
02:12:44 George Brown: Perhaps the Councillor can remind us of the consultation that was done re the garden?
02:14:30 Doug Parsonage: Well said Torry.
02:17:38 Craig and Carolyn: Well said Carmela
02:18:57 Craig and Carolyn: Has anyone approached Norberry about providing gardens for residents? They have space!
02:19:21 Carmela Parent: we have said same
02:20:11 Craig and Carolyn: It seems this has been pushed too fast
02:20:54 Carmela Parent: there was no consultation from the immediate neighbour even before they submitted the first time.
02:22:33 Beth Webster: Have we considered the park on Flannery @ Mooney’s Bay Place?
02:22:53 Craig and Carolyn: Well said Tara
02:24:53 jocelynbrown: Flannery Green is pretty well used these days by kids (especially in the winter) and dog owners but also lots of space for a potential garden minus the water access
02:26:05 Tara Peel: Good point, Eleonore. In addition to the need for open space for unstructured play, the kids play in those trees where the proposed sheds and compost and water totes are on the plan.
02:26:17 Craig and Carolyn: It seems like there is quite a bit of opposition to a garden at Paget, perhaps the process should be slowed down and get more feedback first
02:26:37 Carmela Parent: St Elias, HOly Cross and RIverside United has community gardens Pauline Vanier and Arnot are great options also without impact
02:26:46 Craig and Carolyn: Bravo Eleonore! Totally agree!
02:28:16 Craig and Carolyn: So then Norberry plays a huge part in this! Perhaps Riley could approach them rather than losing a playground
02:28:29 Carmela Parent: exactly
02:33:24 Carmela Parent: We are voicing for my neighbour that is not on technology
02:34:11 Tara Peel: for further discussion on the proposed additional uses at Paget Park. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts at this meeting.
02:34:23 Rob VH: Please send your comments to
02:36:12 Kate Dudley Logue: I’d like to be included in further discussions about Paget Park. I also live directly across the street from the park and do not agree that this location is ideal.
02:38:00 Kevin Wolfe: Feel free to email Rob at
02:38:20 Craig and Carolyn: Here we see more stuff for Paget, we need to slow down, consult more
02:39:05 Doug Parsonage: WHAt?
02:40:00 Carmela Parent: we had 2 picnic tables before but city took one away
02:41:04 Rob VH: 😢
02:41:25 Tara Peel: Thanks again for the opportunity. I have to go get the kids to bed. Goodnight neighbours.
02:49:50 Terry: This is a good independent initiative by George Brown. RPCA should help facilitate the study.
03:02:22 Rosy: I do think there should be some consideration for representation from new groups to encourage celebration of the diversity of our community. Not sure what the answer is but there should be room for new groups to celebrate together.
03:03:47 Carmela Parent: and for community gardens and for neighbour next door to purposed garden that is not on technology
03:11:38 Eta: What’s a MUP?
03:11:57 Gabriel Gonzalez: Multi use pathway
03:12:11 Eta: Thanks.
03:12:12 boblaird: MUP=Multi Use Parkway?
03:33:51 Jamieson Dyer (he/il): Directors? OR everyone?

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