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Skating Rinks

The Riverside Park Community Association manages two neighbourhood skating rinks at Arnott Park and Pauline Vanier Park. For information about the rinks, as well as paid and volunteer opportunities to maintain our rinks, please contact us at rinks [at ]

The Geoff Wightman Park is also in our area, but is managed by local residents in Revelstoke.

Arnott Park Rink

  • Location: Hartman Cres
  • Amenities: Puddle Rink

Paget Park Rink

  • Location: Hobson Rd.
  • Amenities: Puddle Rink

Pauline Vanier Rink

  • Location: Harkness Ave.
  • Amenities: Boarded Rink & Puddle Rink.

Geoffrey Wightman Rink

  • Location: Leopolds Dr.
  • Amenities: Puddle Rink.