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Board of Directors 2022-2023

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About the Directors:

Kevin Wolfe, Treasurer

Director Area 4: Riverside Park West
(Oct. 2021-Oct. 2023)

Kevin has lived in Riverside Park since 2017 with his wife, teenage son, toddler daughter and two furry friends.  They all love the area and are excited about the potential future developments.  He has previous experience on several charitable boards over the years.  Kevin’s background is in leadership and strategic business development.   Kevin is looking forward to working with the local citizens to make this vibrant community even better.

Gabriel Gonzalez, Secretary

Director Area 1: General Vanier
(Oct. 2021-Oct. 2023)

Originally from Luxembourg, Gabriel moved to Ottawa in 2014 and to the Riverside Park neighbourhood in 2017 with his wife and grumpy cat. With the pandemic, an energetic lab and a new baby at home, Gabriel had the opportunity to spend more time exploring the neighbourhood and meeting neighbours. That’s also how he first heard of the Community Association and grew interested in getting involved to make sure this remains one of the best neighbourhoods to live in Ottawa.

Katerina Drescher, Director

Director Area 2: Mooney’s Bay
(Oct. 2021-Oct. 2023)

Katerina is one of the newest members on the Board of Directors. She moved with her family into our community about four years ago, after travelling across the country from British Columbia.

She enjoys nature, practices martial arts, and likes to do all sorts of arts and crafts.

Terry Wood, Director

Director Area 3: Riverside Park East

(Oct. 2018-Oct. 2022)
Mail to Transportation Chair

Terry is a retired diplomat who has lived in Riverside Park SE for over 20 years. As chair of the Land Use, Development and Transportation Committee, Terry has lead efforts to address planning, development, traffic safety and transit issues affecting Riverside Park. As traffic and development steadily increases across our community, these challenges continue to be Terry’s main priorities on the RPCA Board. 

Tony Tran, Communications Director

Director Area 1: General Vanier

Oct 2022

My wife and I have been a part of the Riverside Park community for just over a year. I have been working in the communications and marketing field here in Ottawa for the past three years.
Since we’ve moved to the community, we’ve been welcomed by so many fantastic people, and it has been a pleasure getting to know everyone. I would like to join the RPCA and help our community wherever I can. You can usually catch me walking around the General Vanier area with my wife Carlene and our dog Ellie.

Rob Vanden Hoven, Director

Director Area 2: Mooney’s Bay

Oct 2022

Given my involvement as the Rinks Manager, I would like to officially express my interest in a Director position on the RPCA Board.

Dave Coyle, President 

Director Area 5: Revelstoke

Oct 2021

As a young, Ottawa-Toronto-Montreal professional couple, we moved our family into the Mooney’s Bay neighborhood some 40 years ago. Raising our family of 6 within the Riverside Park Community was ideal, to now, challenging again, to be extended into USA communities, in order to find meaningful careers.