Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for: 

  • Developing a communication strategy to promote the RPCRA
  • Increasing the interest in and the membership of the RPCRA
  • Developing a fundraising strategy


2012 Communications and Implementation Strategy 


To provide a communications and implementation strategy to promote the efforts of the RPCRA in representing the residents of Riverside Park area on issues that affect their community. 


Since 1983 the RPCRA has been representing the views of the Riverside Park community with the City of Ottawa on such issues as the festival and events, planning and zoning, transportation issues and OC Transpo that have a major impact on the safety and enjoyment of the residents in the community.

The RPCRA works with River Ward City Councillor, Marie McCrae and her staff on a variety of issues to maintain and enhance the character and quality of life not only in this community but the whole of Ottawa as well.


  • To ensure that residents are aware of the RPCRA and its efforts to represent them with the city and other stakeholders.
  • To increase membership in the RPCRA.
  • To provide timely information on issues which affect the community.
  • To provide communications support to the RPCRA for their fundraising efforts, advocacy issues.
  • To encourage volunteer participation on the RPCRA’s committees and Board of Directors.

Strategic Considerations

As with most volunteer organizations, time restrictions by its volunteers must be factored in. Changing priorities within the Association must also be considered. Each of these could impact the ability to achieve the full implementation of this strategy within defined timelines.

Key Messages

Membership in the Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association (RPCRA) provides residents with a voice to be heard by the City, event and festival organizers and other stakeholders with interests in the community.

Volunteering on committees or running for positions on the Board of Directors gives members an opportunity to shape how the Riverside Park community will develop now and in the future.

Target Audiences 

  • RPCRA current membership
  • Riverside Park residents and businesses (to inform and to encourage membership/sponsorship)
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