Transportation Committee

Note from the Chair

Last Updated: January 2012. Comments are welcomed on Transportation issues affecting the RPCRA Community. Please send email to

Mission Statement

The Transportation Committee studies issues relating to Transportation in the Riverside Park area, and prepares policy recommendations to the RPCRA Board of Directors. On non-policy issues, the committee works with all stakeholders to explore possible resolutions. This may involve enlisting the help of the River Ward Councillor or City staff.

Ongoing activities of the committee include:

  • Making recommendations to the RPCRA Board regarding speed limits, parking restrictions and other traffic regulations. Preparing draft communications from the board to the City
  • Monitoring City of Ottawa plans and reports regarding the road network in general, and Riverside, Walkley, and the Airport Parkway¬† in particular
  • Monitoring City of Ottawa plans and reports regarding OC Transpo and the Light Rail Transit Office
  • Coordinating with the RPCRA Land Use Committee regarding City development plans that may affect traffic routes and volumes.
  • Assessing transportation-related issues raised by residents and facilitating exchanges of related information between the City and residents

Priorities for 2012:

  • Studying the issue of cut-through traffic between Walkley Road, Riverside Drive, and the Airport parkway at Brookfield Road.
  • Studying the impact of the new high rise development on Walkley Road at the Airport Parkway
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