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Community Land Use Challenge 2023/2026

NOP2 (New Official Plan Secondary Plan)

Challenge is to attract residents, fulfill needs, travel less

CA Presidents RPCA, HCCA forming and joining River, Capital, Alta Vista and Capital Ward Presidents

Presenting to:

    • Standing Committee Chairs:
      • ARAC – Darouze
      • Audit – Curry Built
      • Heritage – King
      • Community Services – Dudas
      • Emergency Protective Services – Brockington
      • Environment – Menard
      • Planning – Leiper
      • Transit – Gower
      • Transp – Tierney

Riverside Park Community Mobility

  • Transportation Planning uses the same data but does not use this kind of information.
  • We asked for 6 second trip data
  • Starting at the census dissemination points to the wards
  • So that is 8,300 people in 3,500 dwellings
  • Who make 7,109 trips per day or 5.0 million per year
  • North East West South = 67% of all trips are north (with no parkway on ramp)
  • 6% stay within the Ward
  • We travel 25% less since 2019

Tipping point

  • New developments directly reduce established community lands
  • Parking is oversubscribed creating gridlock and highway ballast congestion

Where do we go? North?

Measured in 2019, then 25% less in 2021

We need to go East then North on the MRT in August

This how we are channeled today

How we come back from the tipping point to affordability?

Us 8,000 vs 10,000 people

The Rock is an opportunity


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