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Wed Jan24, 7:00PM Community Activity Program to address Safety and Congestion starting June, a full court press.

In person, zoom or email

In person at Riverside United

Zoom Link – Click to launch

After this weeks feedback from a couple hundred residents on the Walkley Rollout design we can apply for grants to get going and more will be discussed.

Check this out, the various programs being approved at:


and learn about the full RPCA plans.

The draft plan will be discussed:

In 2024, Trillium Line (MRT) begins the enablement of travel innovation and improved Quality of Life.

The community of 17,000 residents at Mooney’s Bay Beach, where the Rideau River splits to the locks at Parliament and falls on the Ottawa, a Hydro One transmission corridor splits it.

Festivals increase the population (11) eleven-fold, and the community is a major hub in Ottawa for recreation, sports, and social life.

Community is family focused for early development, elementary, secondary, university and advanced medical, high tech and Government careers and services.

Mobilize an embedded, hybrid community-based business network where the Quality of Life provides 66% green (unspoiled) space for highly experiential, effective human activity within a comfortable living environment.

Target Audience
Near term the parents, with students in schools of the Riverside Park and Hunt Club community neighborhoods, longer term the students.

Project Activities
The progressive sequence 1. locates and develops the destinations, 2. publish and trains student delivery resources and 3. initiates public outreach.

Online resources
Knowledge Base, Website, E-mail based newsletters, Interactive text, Individual/Group posts are established and available through existing community infrastructure.

Evaluation and Monitoring
The program has baselined Pre and Post assessments methodology to measure and receive feedback through subscriptions to initiate and grow long term.

Project Timeline
The project spans the end to beginning of the school term, for approximately 12 weeks.
Communications, media plan and kit will be through the online resources and pop-up venues in place of the public and arriving groups.

$XX,000. allocated over the three activities in sequence 40%, 40%, 20% for mainly student funding.

The current bench of 75% drive, will be measured for travel mode changes and time to destinations.

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