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All RPCA meetings and events are open to the public.


From 9:00AM Garage Sale, Organic Market, Book Nook and Brookfield Community Food Cupboard


Garage Sale – Saturday 9:00 to noon April 27 only

Organic Food Market – Weekly

Book Nook – Weekly

Brookfield Community Food Cupboard – FOOD DROP-OFF  9:00 to Noon Daily – in the lobby


In person, zoom or email

In person at Riverside United

Zoom Link – Click to launch

7:00PM RPCA Organization March 2024

  1. Land acknowledgements.
  2. Agenda: President – Dave
  3. Minutes March April 10: Secretary – Gabriel (Link)
  4. Financials review April 10: Treasurer Finance – Kevin (Link)
    • Motion for waiver of notice and audit 2024
  5. City And Ward – Andrew Sutton for Councillor Brockington
  6. Rink Contracts 2025 – Rob
  7. Communications – Tony
  8. Environment Parks Gardens – Marianne
  9. Transportation – Terry
  10. Newsletters Amelia with link
  11. Corporate By-Law ONCA Updates foe October – John
  12. Spring May 25, Fall Sep 7 and BCFC benefactor 
    • Motion to provide event (s) funding support
    • Motion to include ‘High School’ member class type GR10
    • Motion to convert Family to individual memberships
    • Enable donation interface
    • Enable Associate Member subscription 
    • Enable member e-Polling and e-Vote

9:00 PM Adjournment, Next Meeting (s):

  1. March 13th Virtual If required.
  2. April 10th In person and virtual
  3. May 8th In person and virtual
  4. June 12th Virtual Only
  5. July 10th Summer Virtual
    • July 31 Membership 2024-2025 renewal
  6. August 14th Summer Virtual
  7. September 11th In person and virtual
  8. October 9th AGM In person and virtual

from the RPCA for their work and the School Board’s: Non-Profit specialist diploma, the Brookfield Community Food Cupboard (BCFC), the Community Gardens – this is a happening now program – getting involved and supporting the Riverside Park Community.

The RPCA fully supports these innovative and locally supportive capabilities for their residents and their long term sustainability, renewability and life skill endowments.

from RPCA for all your assistance you have provided the Brookfield Community Food Cupboard (BCFC) and providing this great movie event over the March School Break.

Reserve your ticket today! HERE

Zoom or email

Zoom Link – Click to launch

Agenda Schedule:

7:00PM RPCA Organization March 2024

  • Land acknowledgements.
  • Agenda: President – Dave
    • 7:30 Ward Updates / Presentations
    • 8:00 Community Update
    • 8:30 Community Design Update
    • 9:00 Adjournment Next Meeting
      • April 10th In person and virtual – By-Law review focus
  • Minutes with links review April 10: Secretary – Gabriel
  • Financials review April 10: Treasurer Finance – Kevin
  • Corporate: John, Kevin

7:30 Ward Updates / Presentations

8:00 Community Updates

8:30 Community Design Updates

9:00 Adjournment Next Meeting(s)

April 10th In person and virtual – By-Law review focus

Extended North, 2nd Phase to be determined, Closures June-Aug, No Electrical resiliency planned

Click for Open House information to be updated to website shortly

Schedule Overview

New Riverside Park traffic patterns for MRT, BRT, Bank destinations and consequential flow throughs:

Critical Electrical Overhead wires for resiliency assets:



A development applicant is planning to bring forward a zoning bylaw amendment to the city to facilitate a new development at the northwest corner of Bank Street and Walkley Road (where the Value Village currently sits). Please join us online, on Wednesday February 28, at 7:00 pm, to hear more about the proposal and to provide feedback. RSVP here to receive an email with the Zoom invitation.

Watch Consultation


Skytower Toronto

Email: for zoom link.

While there is still snow on the ground your RPCA Garden Committee has already started dreaming of green projects.  We can always use more volunteers at events or to help in the background with planning.  Come to our first virtual meeting of 2024 on Tuesday February 20th as we make some plans.


In person, zoom or email

In person at Riverside United

Zoom Link – Click to launch

7:00PM RPCA Community Meeting February 14th Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Land acknowledgement and Ontario Land Tribunal
  2. Agenda President – Dave
  3. Secretary Minutes with links – Gabriel
  4. Treasurer Finance – Kevin

7:30 Information Presentations

  1. Community – Riverside United Karen Ogston
  2. City And Ward – Councilor’s Office Shanon Desormeaux

8:00 Updates

  1. Communications – Tony
  2. Environment Parks Gardens – Marianne
  3. Transportation and WWR Resolution – Terry
  4. RPCA Corporate – John
  5. Rinks and Docks – Rob
  6. Land Management – Dave
  7. Newsletter – Amelia

8:15 Update Associations

  1. FCA – General. Insurance, Transportation and Planning
  2. CAFES
  3. OSEAN


  1. Summer Festival Parking, Congestion, Speeders
  2. Gardens, POTS and ROW
  3. Mural and Paint It Up
  4. Fall Festival Sept 14th 
  5. Feb 12, Bank Street Renewal update
  6. Feb 28 Bank Street Node3 of 4
  7. Energize
  8. August 10th Flood Report and Profile 4
  9. Developments

9:00 Adjournment Next Meeting(s)

  1. March 13th Virtual If required.
  2. April 10th In person and virtual
  3. May 8th In person and virtual
  4. June 12th Virtual Only
  5. July 10th Summer
  6. August 14th Summer
  7. September 11th In person and virtual
  8. October 9th AGM In person and virtual


Rink skating season is here for Riverside Park!
Here are the hut hours for Arnott Park and Pauline Vanier Park:
Arnott Park
– Weekdays: 4:30 PM – 7:30 PM
– Weekends: 2 PM – 5 PM
Pauline Vanier Park
– Weekdays: 7 PM – 10 PM
– Weekends: 1 PM – 5 PM and 7 PM to 10pm
Please visit the link below for ice conditions.

River Sign Up Contact:

In person, zoom or email

In person at Riverside United

Zoom Link – Click to launch

After this weeks feedback from a couple hundred residents on the Walkley Rollout design we can apply for grants to get going and more will be discussed.

Check this out, the various programs being approved at:


and learn about the full RPCA plans.

The draft plan will be discussed:

In 2024, Trillium Line (MRT) begins the enablement of travel innovation and improved Quality of Life.

The community of 17,000 residents at Mooney’s Bay Beach, where the Rideau River splits to the locks at Parliament and falls on the Ottawa, a Hydro One transmission corridor splits it.

Festivals increase the population (11) eleven-fold, and the community is a major hub in Ottawa for recreation, sports, and social life.

Community is family focused for early development, elementary, secondary, university and advanced medical, high tech and Government careers and services.

Mobilize an embedded, hybrid community-based business network where the Quality of Life provides 66% green (unspoiled) space for highly experiential, effective human activity within a comfortable living environment.

Target Audience
Near term the parents, with students in schools of the Riverside Park and Hunt Club community neighborhoods, longer term the students.

Project Activities
The progressive sequence 1. locates and develops the destinations, 2. publish and trains student delivery resources and 3. initiates public outreach.

Online resources
Knowledge Base, Website, E-mail based newsletters, Interactive text, Individual/Group posts are established and available through existing community infrastructure.

Evaluation and Monitoring
The program has baselined Pre and Post assessments methodology to measure and receive feedback through subscriptions to initiate and grow long term.

Project Timeline
The project spans the end to beginning of the school term, for approximately 12 weeks.
Communications, media plan and kit will be through the online resources and pop-up venues in place of the public and arriving groups.

$XX,000. allocated over the three activities in sequence 40%, 40%, 20% for mainly student funding.

The current bench of 75% drive, will be measured for travel mode changes and time to destinations.

In person, zoom or email

In person at Riverside United

Zoom Link – Click to launch

Watch the roll out video from Riverside to Bank. Play and Pause interactively.

Airport Parkway and Walkley Road: Councillor Brockington’s Community Meeting

You are invited to attend an in-person public information session (Jim Durrell Arena, Ellwood Hall) where the project team will provide an update regarding the impact of Walkley Road modifications prior to the Airport Parkway widening. The presentation material will appear here the morning of January 8, 2024.

Please review the materials once posted and/or provide comments using the online form(link is external) by January 22, 2024.

Updated v5

7:00 PM at Riverside United Sanctuary and Zoom

ZOOM LINK: Click here to Connect

  • 7:00 PM General Admin
    • Minutes-click
    • Financials-click
    • Insurance for community events and activities application,
      • Working Group Required June 2024
    • ONCA Compliance
      • Working Group Required Oct 2024
  • 8:00 PM Councilor’s Report-click has back to back meetings, upon arrival
  • New Business
    • 2024 Community Activity Plan
      • Garden Season Events Plan -click
      • Rinks – skateable ice called for Thursday, January 18th
        • Rink Volunteer Breakfast Feb 24, 8AM Jim Durrell Arena
      • Fall Festival 2024 planning now*
      • Garage Sale May 25 planning now*
      • Neighborhood Park Festivals – open*
      • Brigil Mural relocation working group – May 2024*
    • Better Neighborhood Street Design Requirement
      • Transportation Report
      • Community traffic
        • is 60% to and from the North based, on presentation’s information
      • Submission OPS Chief, Policing, By-Law, Parking, Car and petty thefts
      • Walkley Road Information Session feedback – hwy. traffic in a neighborhood
      • Interim ASC till 2027
      • Summer Festival no parking / street closure planning
      • Inclusive Mode Targets Now Future: walk, bike, bus, LRT, car
      • The New OP, TMP and Comprehensive Zoning will require road lands
    • Join Community Planning Working Group Wed, Jan 17 and 24 at 7:00PM
      • ZOOM – email for link
      • Review: Recreation and Parks Funding:
        • Community Partnership Minor/Major Capital Programs
        • Beach Pavilion Functions
        • Dog Park Land
        • Gardens Land
      • Review Energize Student Volunteer/Income buy local
        • up to 20% of population under 14
      • CPIP Social Event Funding
  • * contact email President@RiversidePark.CA 
  • 9:00PM Adjournment 

Riverside United Room

Please send us the names of your “Nice” kids living in Riverside Park by email to 

before 8:00 PM on Monday, December 18.

Santa will read his list on Facebook, Saturday, December 23 at 7:00 PM.

Santa is very busy this time of year, his video address will be pre-recorded on December 19th, and any late submissions cannot be included.

Please get your children’s names in as soon as possible!

Be sure to smile if you are going past and fast : }

Connect on ZOOM click to link

Meeting location key plan below:

Hunt Club Riverside Park Community Center on 3320 Paul Anka Dr.


6:45 Welcome,  call to order
1. Quorum, Agenda
2. Minutes – LINK AGM and Board
3. Financials – LINK
4. Community Priorities – Let us know, see below

7:00 Councilor Brockington’s Report – new link

7:30 Updates:
1. Winter-Fest and Rinks – Energize
2. Summer-Community Gardens, Fall Fest
3. Pumpkins for the Planet
4. Christmas Dinner and Santa
5. Mural and Gardens

7:45 RP ‘Community Shift’ Plan 2024 Part 1:
1. ONCA – Ontario Non-profit Corporations Act
2. CPIP – Community Partners Insurance Program
3. Bylaws compliance
4. Work-in-place incomes,
5. Multi-use buildings new business network
6. LRT,
7. TMP Rubric
8. IMT and the rest of the alphabet: )
9. Road Design, Parking, Speed, Sub-sonic: By-law
10. P&Z: Community Business Network (CBN)

8:30 Energize Riverside Park – Application

8:45 Thank you and Adjournment

Connect on ZOOM click to link

Meeting location key plan: Hunt Club Riverside Park Community Center on 3320 Paul Anka Dr.

Help set the agenda:

  • EMAIL your top priority (s) to our secretary ASAP: Gabriel Gonzalez 
  • Use our convenient survey to help us focus on your neighborhood in the community –  LINK 
  • Come to our meeting and introduce your topic – 5 minutes and then questions can be asked for specifics
  • Click the   JOIN-IT   button and be a neighborhood member, even donate and crowd fund

and Best of the Season to all !

Check out rink conditions map here:

Same page check out Rideau Canal Skateway status.

RPCA needs volunteers to help with the Pauline Vanier and Arnott park rinks. No experience required, you will be mentored on how to create and maintain the ice surface.

Help create lasting memories for children of all ages!

Contact  to help

Auto Thefts continue to be a serious problem in our city and province.

Although no one method will stop a potential thief, here are some suggestions to make your vehicle less desirable to thieves.

  1. Park in a garage or blocked in by other cars. If you have a car with a key start, park behind the car with the push start.
  2. On Board Diagnostic port locks are devices that go over the OBD port and deny would-be thieves access to your onboard computer to steal your car.
  3. Car thefts from public areas have increased. A steering wheel club can be a deterrent, especially in a high visibility area. 4. A vehicle immobilizer. An add-on like the OBD port blocker. It disables your vehicle completely until the immobilizer is deactivated.
  4. Check your vehicle for Airtags and GPS devices. Apple, and now Android devices can detect the presence of Airtags.
  5. Install tracking software or an after-market GPS device. Many cars have features that can be used to track and locate your car (through a subscription).

Although no method is perfect, using one or more of these options will reduce the likelihood of your vehicle being taken.

Many of these thefts take little time to complete, and if a would-be thief sees barriers to their success, they may choose to move on.

If you see something or someone suspicious hanging around vehicles overnight, do not hesitate to call 911.

River Ward’s Holiday Dinner is back! Please join me in celebration of the holiday season with your friends, family and neighbours for a holiday meal! Please RSVP : . Accepting non-perishable food
items for the Ottawa Food Bank

Riverside Park Community Association manages several rinks and volunteers are needed.

Great community hours for programs.


The rinks are up waiting for the snow.

2023 – 2024 Outdoor Rink Manual – LINK

The RPCA is investing in rink liner tech this year







Confederation Heights Master Plan Workshop

Saint Elias Banquet Centre 750 Ridgewood Avenue Ottawa, ON K1V 6N1





Project description: A space 10 times larger than Lansdowne Park

PSPC and the Canada Lands Company are working in collaboration to prepare and deliver the Confederation Heights Master Plan. The master plan will guide the development of the site into a sustainable, transit-oriented, urban, mixed-use community. This site will continue to serve as a federal employment area over the next 25 years.

Check it out – LINK HERE

Collection sites arriving at Ernie Calcutt Park’s “PUMPKIN ALLEY” till Nov 4’s departure.

For details check out OSEAN on Facebook


****Riverside Park
➡️2584 Hobson Rd
➡️923 Cromwell Dr
➡️3145 Southmore Dr. East
➡️455 Southmore Dr. West
➡️880 Thorndale Dr (school)
➡️759 Mooney’s Bay Place ***Pumpkin Alley
***Hunt Club / Uplands
➡️100 Condor Dr.
➡️3813 Crowsnest Ave
➡️Unit 48 – 3230 Uplands Dr
➡️2318 Cotters Cres
***** Uplands Base:
➡️20 Curtis Pvt
******Alta Vista
➡️224 Lennox Park Ave
➡️2206 Aster St
➡️272 Cunningham Ave
➡️8 Sonata Pl
***South keys
➡️3247 Clearnwater Cres

It is the day the pumpkins go home and we begin again. Thank you Marianne.

For details check out OSEAN on Facebook


Location: Riverside United and Zoom networking Meeting (Please see below for the Zoom link).


  1. Call to Order and Welcome 7:00 PM
  2. Establish AMM Quorum.
  3. Approval of the Agenda.
  4. Approval of September Minutes – LINK
  5. Financial Review – LINK
  6. Councilor Brockington Report – LINK
  7. Activity Updates:
  8. Election of Directors
  9. Community Priorities – Let us know – LINK
  10. Thank you and Adjournment 9:00 PM



Reference post:


Riverside Park Community Association follows those influences surrounding our neighbourhoods.

Lansdowne 2.0 Event Link: Click here

A City Councillor’s perspective: Wilson Lo

Join the RPCA Planning and Zoning discussion in and around us.

The New Official Plan and implications of Bill 23 on your home lots are being discussed, join the discussion with other Community Associations and join the RPCA: Click for link

Interested email

Planning and Housing / Zoning Presentation – LINK

New MEMBERSHIP management and membership card for City Recreation Program 20% discounts

New input start badges:

Join RPCA Now!


Join RPCA Now!

More to come… stay tuned