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Below are the RPCA Standing Committees. At least one member of each committee shall be a member of the Board of Directors. Additional members may be appointed from the membership of the corporation or, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, from residents of the neighbourhood.

To volunteer or identify an issue, idea or concern, please send an email to the Committee email address, which forwards to all committee members. General questions can be posed to the RPCA Board of Directors by emailing: info [at]

Communications and Outreach Committee

To oversee all communications and outreach functions of the RPCA, including member and volunteer recruitment and retention, community outreach, and public awareness of RPCA events, initiatives and activities. This committee will promote timely, effective, professional and strategic communication across all formats and networks, including print, email, social media, and the organizational website.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Joel Duff (President)
Members: Travis Croken (Vice-President), Sarah Brickell (IT Manager), Kallyan Kanti Das, Bryan Parker, Leslie Sheedy (Membership Outreach Coordinator), Gillian Wintonic

To contact or join the committee, email: communications [at]

Community Safety Committee

To foster community safety and security for all residents of Riverside Park by engaging residents and raising awareness about potential safety concerns. This committee will act as a liaison with the city’s emergency response services and in collaboration with the Hunt Club Community Association (HCCA).

Terms of Reference

Chair: Mark Staz (RPCRA Director) and HCCO Appointee
Members: Bryan Parker (RPCA), Laura Young (RPCA), Joel Duff (RPCA President, ex officio)

To contact or join the committee, email: safety [at]

Environment and Parks Committee

To monitor, advocate for, and respond to environmental issues that affect our community and promote better stewardship of water and our urban forest, the greening of public and private land, and mitigation of waste management issues.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Ethila Palit Parna (Director)
Members: Barbara Haines (Treasurer), Kate Cathrae (Director), Nicole Christy, Barbara MacDonald Moore, Teresa Reeve, David Wilson, Joel Duff (President, ex-officio)

To contact or join the committee, email: environment [at]

Events and Culture Committee

To organize and oversee all social, cultural, and artistic events and activities of the RPCA, with the goal of fostering community growth and development within Riverside Park.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Travis Croken (Vice-President)
Members: George Brown, Kate Cathrae (Director), Kallyan Kanti Das, Joel Duff (President, ex officio)

Email the Committee to volunteer or identify an issue: events [at]

Gardening Committee

To identify and promote community interests in food and/or ornamental gardening. To connect expertise and resources across the community. This committee will use working groups and events to establish partnerships between community projects and volunteers.

Chair: Kate Cathae (Director)
Members: Ethila Palit Parna (Director), Marianne Ariganello, Jocelyn Brown, Laurence Charron Huysecom, Sarah Vanden Hoven, Joel Duff (President, ex officio)

Email the Committee to volunteer or identify an issue: garden [at]

Land Use, Development and Transportation Committee

To monitor and provide recommendations on proposals for land use or site plans, and to respond to transportation, traffic safety and transit concerns raised by Riverside Park residents that might affect the well-being of the Riverside Park community.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Terry Wood (Director)
Members: Travis Croken (Vice-President), Katie Raso (Director), Paul Willetts (Director), Lew Burpee, Marlene Davidson, Adrian Fournier, Bob Laird, Marika Magro, Natalie Riendeau, Sharon von Schoenberg, Joel Duff (ex-officio)

Email the Committee to volunteer or identify an issue: planning [at]

Libraries Matter to Riverside Park Committee

This is a joint committee with the Hunt Club Community Association (HCCA) with a mandate to bring library programs and services to our community centre; improve our visibility with OPL decision-makers; support OPL’s strategic plan, where appropriate; and establish a strong relationship with the Friends of the Ottawa Public Library Association (FOPLA).

Terms of Reference

Chair: Christine Johnson (HCCA), Gillian Wintonic (RPCA Secretary)   
Members: John Reid (HCCA), Linda Sabine (HCCA), Barb Shae (HCCA), Joel Duff (RPCA President, ex-officio)

Email the Committee to volunteer or identify an issue: libraries [at]

Recreation and Rinks Committee

To organize and oversee the recreational activities of the RPCA, including the management of neighbourhood skating rinks.

Terms of Reference

Chair: Andrew Wintonic (Director)
Members: Joel Duff (President, ex officio)

Email the Committee to volunteer or identify an issue: recreation [at]

Questions about the administration of skating rinks: rinks[at]