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Members of the RPCRA are invited to attend the Board of Directors Meeting on November 7, 2018.

When: Wednesday, November 7, 2018 from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Where: Riverside Churches, 3191 Riverside Drive, Room 5.

Download the draft agenda here, but please note that the agenda may change before the meeting so please get an up-to-date copy if you plan to attend. Come to learn how the new officers and directors are getting settled in their new roles and what they are planning for our community.

Councillor Riley Brockington has been invited to present an update on important issues for our community. Hope to see you there!

Your RPCRA officers are:

  • President: Joel Duff (Riverside Park Southwest)
  • Vice-President: Travis Croken (Riverside Park Southeast)
  • Treasurer: Barbara Haines (Riverside Park Southwest)
  • Secretary: Gillian Wintonic (Riverside Park East)

Your directors are:

  • George Brown (Riverside Park West)
  • Nicole Christy (Riverside Park West)
  • Mark Staz (Revelstoke)
  • Andrew Wintonic (Riverside Park East)
  • Terry Wood (Riverside Park Southeast)

Please note that at this month’s meeting, the Board will be appointing a new director to fill a vacant position. Nominations are still open. The term of office will run for 11 months, until our October AGM in 2019. Any interested resident will be considered, but preference will be given to residents from the Revelstoke area in our neighbourhood, as per the RPCRA bylaws.

Interested residents are invited to email a short statement of intent in advance of the meeting, along with your contact information and address to:

A reminder about your RPCRA membership: Members of the RPCRA are welcome to ask questions at our Board of Directors meetings but only have voting rights at our annual general meetings. Memberships are good for one year and can be renewed online in the right-hand column of this page.

This article is an archive of articles and other documents regarding the redevelopment of 3071 Riverside Drive, the old Bayview School property, now sometimes referred to as the Canoe Bay development. (read more…)

Ecology Ottawa has agreed to be the main “contractor” for garbage and recyclable
collection at the upcoming CP Women’s Open golf tournament to be held next month
at the Ottawa Hunt and Golf Club. Ecology Ottawa is soliciting volunteers to sign up for various shifts during that week.

Please see this Ecology Ottawa URL for details:

Ottawa Public Health are holding an Alcohol Awareness consultation session. See

Update: Results of survey (now includes comments) 2017-06-06

In order to better understand the opinions of our membership, we have designed a short survey regarding the proposed Bayview redevelopment (3071 Riverside Drive). You are invited to provide your opinions. (read more…)

The RPCRA has joined a City of Ottawa program that provides discounts (e.g. on fitness memberships) to our members. (read more…)

2016-11-30 Community Meeting on the sale and development of the Bayview property (read more…)

(from Councillor Riley Brockington)

Dear Residents of Riverside Park North,

This email is intended to provide you with an update on the property located at 3071 Riverside Drive, commonly referred to as the former location of Bayview PS.   My last communiqué to the community on this matter was September 16, 2016 and prior to that, April 21, 2016.

(read more…)

Hello fellow resident of Riverside Park,

You are invited to attend our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

When: Wednesday, October 5, 2016. Doors open, meet & greet at 6:30pm, meeting begins 7pm.
Where: Riverside Churches, 3191 Riverside Dr.


(read more…)

For immediate release
September 21, 2016

Power to O-Train Confederation Line overhead system, testing to commence

Ottawa – The O-Train Confederation Line’s Overhead Catenary System (OCS) – the wires that supply power to the Light Rail Transit (LRT) electric vehicles – will be energized at the Belfast Yard Maintenance and Storage Facility (MSF) starting Thursday, September 22.

(read more…)

(from Councillor Riley Brockington)

Dear Residents of Riverside Park North,

This email is intended to provide you with an update on the property located at 3071 Riverside Drive, commonly referred to as the former location of Bayview PS.   My last communiqué to the community on this matter was April 21, 2016.  A brief update was recently provided at the September 7 meeting of the Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association that I attended.

(read more…)

This is an email to the RPCRA from River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington’s office.

Brockington, Riley wrote on 23/08/2016 1:40 PM:

Brief Summary of Meeting with the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation on August 22, 2016 regarding the results of the Request for Offers on the former Bayview School site (3071 Riverside Drive).

(read more…)

The Turtle Fence at the Canada 150 Playground Construction Site

The Turtle Fence at the Canada 150 Playground Construction Site

City of Ottawa documents show that prior to construction of the Canada 150 playground, experts were consulted about wildlife species that may be present. Blanding’s Turtle was identified as one vulnerable species that might find the playground site attractive for nesting. See this link for more information about Blanding’s Turtle.

However, no evidence of the turtle was found on the site and it was acknowledged that the beach might be a more attractive option for the turtle, except that the beach was outside the study area.

Nonetheless, during the site preparation phase this “turtle barrier” was installed, just in case.

Last revised 2016-06-25

These construction updates are provided by the City of Ottawa, Parks and Rec. and posted here for the information of our residents.

The following construction updates are for the week of June 20, 2016:

  • A layer of wood fibre has been placed over the area, completing site preparation for the Giver 150 playground project.
  • Playground construction will commence after the Dragon Boat Festival.

The following construction updates are for the week of June 6, 2016:

  • The excavation for the playground area is complete.
  • Based on soil conditions,  a layer of gravel has been added – 75% of the area is compacted.  The gravel used in this exercise is needed to provide structural support to the drainage layer and playground above.
  • Trenching for drain tile pipes is the next step and is about to start.
  • The contractor is likely working this Saturday to complete the installation of tile drain pipes and the installation of the clear stone gravel drainage area.  Clear stone gravel is similar to marbles with stone pieces being all the same size.   When a  thick layer of this product  is installed,  water can pass through it – much like a vase full of marbles can also hold a fair amount of water.
  • Installation of the filter cloth around the clear stone gravel bed (used to ensure the drainage layer does not fill up with anything that can clog it) and 3 inches of wood fiber will commence next week and will  be  completed  by June 16th .
  • The perimeter construction fence to be removed by June 16th .

Last revised 2016-06-19

These documents were provided by the City of Ottawa, Parks and Rec. at the request of the RPCRA. They are posted here as an information service to our residents. These documents are also available in hard copy at the Centrepointe Library (at the service hub on the second floor).

Presentation at Information Session, May 31, 2016 (EN)

Presentation at Information Session, May 31, 2016 (FR)

Executive Summary Mooney’s Bay Environmental FR.pdf

Giver 150 Project Agreement – Signed.pdf

Tree Inventory-Layout1.pdf

CM-13-0309-04_SAR_Screening Memo_Mooney’s_Bay_Apr_20_2016.pdf (Species at Risk)

15-200-5_Soil Report_R0.pdf

15-200-6_Preliminary HHERA_Mooney’s Bay_R0.pdf (Human Health and
Ecological Risk Assessment)

15-200-8_Soil Management_Plan_R0.pdf

(The Boards of Directors of the Riverside Park Community and Recreation 
Association (RPCRA) and the Hunt Club Community Organization (HCCO) have 
approved this open letter for distribution to the members of Ottawa City 

An Open Letter to Ottawa City Council regarding the Canada 150 Playground Project in Mooney’s Bay Park

June 6, 2016

There has been a significant amount of controversy over the Canada 150 Playground Project in Mooney’s Bay Park. Lack of prior public consultation is a concern common to both the opponents of the project as well as to many of its supporters. We believe that a proposal of this magnitude where publicly held funds or significant public space are being committed should be informed by a prior, City-led consultation process. We support the sentiments expressed in Councillor Brockington’s email of May 20, 2016 on this subject:

“…The glaring omission in this initiative has been a public information/consultation component.  The matters being negotiated between the City and proponent were embargoed; limiting the specific details the Parks and Rec Dept (or any other member of Council) could release.  I met with the City Solicitor and City Clerk as recently as this past Monday and stressed, again, that a concurrent public information/consultation process must be embedded for these types of projects and while I respect that confidential matters remain as such, the intent of the City needed to be publicly communicated.  The criticism of the process is warranted.  As part of the mid-term governance review that is expected to start in 2016 for City Council, I will insist that future initiatives similar to this one, have compulsory, City-led consultation.”

As registered community associations, we rely heavily on timely information from the City of Ottawa and our Ward Councillor in order to inform our members and to enable them to make their views known. As Mayor Watson was once quoted as saying: “…community associations are an early warning system for municipal politicians…”.



The Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association

The Hunt Club Community Organization


The Hunt Club Community Organization ( HCCO ) and the Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association ( RPCRA ) are registered community associations in River Ward.


This post is a collection of miscellaneous resources related to the Canada 150 playground project at Mooney’s Bay Park. The list may change from time to time as more information becomes available. For late breaking information please monitor our Facebook and Twitter sites (see our main page for links).

City of Ottawa Canada 150 Website – includes map, FAQs

The Role of the Community Coordinators

May 26: Memo from D. Chenier to Ottawa City Council

May 27: Email from Mayor Watson to Ottawa City Council



(from Councillor Riley Brockington)

Dear Residents of Riverside Park North,

An early Happy Earth Day to you (April 22).

This email is intended to provide you with an update on the property located at 3071 Riverside Drive, commonly referred to as the former location of Bayview PS.   My last communiqué to the community on this matter was January 8, 2016.

(read more…)

(from Councillor Riley Brockington)

Dear Residents and Neighbours of Riverside Park (North),

May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year.

This email is intended to provide you with an update on the property located at 3071 Riverside Drive, commonly referred to as the former location of Bayview PS.  My last communiqué in September 2015 was circulated to 3,000 homes in Riverside Park North, to those north of Walkley Road and south of Brookfield Road. 

(read more…)

The old Bayview School site on Riverside Drive has been owned by the City of Ottawa and vacant for the past few years. Several years ago, many residents participated in consultations to determine the best approach for using the vacant lands. Partly because so much time has passed, River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington is holding another round of consultations with residents before a final disposition is made.

Councillor Brockington recently distributed a flyer to residents in the vicinity, requesting feedback. The bulletin was sent to 3,000 homes in Riverside Park, who live between Walkley Road and Brookfield, all houses, apartments and condos. Due to the postal walk, houses on Otterson and Blanchard were also included (Just south of Walkley). It was also sent to local churches, schools and some businesses.

Please click on Bayview-Flyer-ENG.PDF or Bayview-Flyer-FR.PDF to see the flyer.

In response, the RPCRA provided these comments, and Councillor Brockington’s reply is available here.

Please note that the requested feedback period is ending this week (October 15). If you have comments, please contact:
Riley Brockington
City Councillor – River Ward

An Opportunity to Discuss the Proposed South-bound Parkway Off-Ramp at Walkley Road

When: Wednesday, October 7, 2015. (RPCRA AGM)
Doors open at 6:30pm, meeting starts 7pm
Where: Riverside Churches, 3191 Riverside Drive
At the request of Councillor Brockington, the Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association is pleased to provide a forum at our 2015 Annual General Meeting on Oct. 7 for a discussion of a proposal to create an off ramp at Walkley Road from the southbound Airport Parkway.

(read more…)

Fireworks 2015

The Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association (RPCRA) will host its annual May long weekend fireworks in Mooney’s Bay Park on Sunday, May 17, 2015. The fireworks are a decades-old neighbourhood tradition, meant for the whole family to enjoy.

Fireworks start at approximately 9:30 pm on Sunday

Family activities start at 5pm. Last year, this event attracted more than 2,000 people, so you are encouraged to arrive early, bring a blanket and enjoy the whole evening at Mooney’s Bay Park. Parking is available on-site and in the Parks Canada parking lot at Hog’s Back for a $10 fee. Proceeds go to support the fireworks and other RPCRA community activities. If you are planning to take public transit, OCTranspo route 87 stops at the park and runs until after 11 pm.

Refreshments will be available for purchase from The Beach House Bistro, and washrooms will be available onsite. Boom 99.7 will be providing music for the event, which will be hosted by Dylan Black. Glow bracelets will be for sale for you to enjoy during the fireworks.

In the event of rain, the fireworks will still go ahead, however if there is lightning or high wind the event will take place on Monday, May 18th at 9:30pm.

There will be a ceremony to honour LCOL John McCrae’s poem, In Flanders Fields

The famous poem, In Flanders Fields, was written 100 years ago, in May 1915, by LCOL John McCrae while he was on a European battlefield in the midst of World War I. Since then, the poem has become a national symbol of remembrance for Canada’s fallen and wounded soldiers, and the cost of peace. Just prior to the fireworks, there will be a performance by a bag piper, and a recitation of the poem.

Family activities will start in the park at 5:00 pm

The site will open at 5:00 pm, with a variety of family-friendly activities and information booths, including:
• Face painting by Riverside Park Nursery School
• A fire truck from City of Ottawa Fire Services
• Army and Navy displays
• City of Ottawa Community Police Officers
• Royal LePage Dodge Prowler and silent auction
• Rideau Canoe Club
• City of Ottawa Public Health
• Ottawa Public Library Bookmobile
• Crimestoppers
• Canadian Heroes

The RPCRA wishes to thank our generous sponsors and partners, who have made this event possible

The May long weekend fireworks are a community-driven, grassroots event, and wouldn’t be possible without the help of our sponsors, partners and volunteers.

A HUGE thank you goes out to:

Our major sponsors

City of Ottawa, Kodiak Security, WR Davey Insurance, Shanalex Alarms, HANDS fireworks, and the Beach House Bistro.

Our sponsors
Otto’s BMW and Subaru, Therese Catana Royal LePage, Debbie Belair Dominion Lending, David McGuinty MP, John Fraser MPP, AMS Motors, John Singlehurst, Elaine Rainboth, D & G Hutchinson, Alta Vista Chiropractic clinic, TNT Restaurant, Danielle Nadon and Heinz Keller.

Our exhibitors
BOOM 99.7, Dylan Black , City of Ottawa Police, Fire Services, Ottawa Public Library Bookmobile, Ottawa Public Health, Royal Lepage, Riverside Park Nursery school, Canadian Army – 30th Field Regiment, Canadian Navy – HMCS Carleton – both reserve units at Dow’s Lake, Crime stoppers, and the Rideau Canoe Club.

Our volunteers and fundraisers
A special thank you to the Brookfield Confectionary and to Johnny Vegas for hosting a fundraising music night, as well as to those who attended and donated anonymously. Additional thanks to Johnny Vegas, Joyce Aboud, and George Brown for organizing such an outstanding evening, which was a great success and lots of fun!
Last, but certainly not least, thank you to all of our community volunteers who have donated their time and energy to make this a great event!

Fundraiser The Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association presents a Fireworks Fundraiser raising funds for the Victoria Day Fireworks display at Mooney’s Bay. Hosted by Johnny Vegas. Featuring Dave & Cathy Brown Jimmie & Johnnie and Special Guests. Saturday April 25th Brookfield Restaurant 704 Brookfield Road Doors at 7pm – entertainment 8pm -11pm – cash bar. Suggested donation $10. For more info or if you’d like to perform call Johnny at 613-237-1319. If you’d like to volunteer to help with the fireworks email Craig at:


The rinks are closed for the season. (read more…)

This City of Ottawa page provides links to the Riverside Park Secondary Plan, which provides “area-based policy direction for a number of land use areas within Riverside Park”.

Planning Primer #1 (first in a series of Planning courses offered by the City of Ottawa)
(read more…)

The City of Ottawa has received a Site Plan application to construct a phased apartment building complex on the old SDL site (later JDS Uniphase).  The complex will be built out over three phases and is intended to be operated as a private sector student residence.  The project will also include ground floor retail space, new landscaping and underground and surface parking.

More details can be found on Councillor Brockington’s web site (click here).


Victoria Day-01 We are working hard towards our Victoria Day Weekend fireworks event.

An article recently appeared in the Ottawa Community News – see


Happy New Year! We wish you the best in 2015!

Date:               Monday, November 17, 2014  
(read more…)

We have received more emails containing welcome comments plus great shots of the 2014 fireworks at Mooney’s Bay Park. One resident commented

“I’ve always loved fireworks.  No matter what, there should be celebration together as a neighbourhood.  It inspires us to carry on and reminds us that we are a community, striving together.” –ES

Here are a couple of pictures from opposite ends of the Bay!

Victoria Day Weekend fireworks light up the sky at Mooney's Bay Park - May 18, 2014. Thanks TI.

Victoria Day Weekend fireworks light up the sky at Mooney’s Bay Park – May 18, 2014. Thanks TI.

Victoria Day Fireworks 2014. Taken from balcony at 1435 Prince of Wales Drive. Thanks AB.

Victoria Day Fireworks 2014. Taken from balcony at 1435 Prince of Wales Drive. Thanks AB.


Over the past few days a collection of dedicated volunteers has distributed close to 3000 flyers in our neighbourhoods. The primary purpose of the flyer is to inform residents that the RPCRA exists, what we do, and how to get in touch.

If you have not yet received a flyer you can pick one up at our AGM on Wednesday, October 1 or send an email to
(read more…)

2014 Fireworks from the beach. Thanks: CG

2014 Fireworks from the beach. Thanks: CG

2014 Fireworks. Thanks: CG

2014 Fireworks. Thanks: CG

(Click on the images for a better look)

The RPCRA Victoria Day Weekend Fireworks returned today after a five year absence. Superlatives everywhere! The new venue of Mooney’s Bay Park is awesome. The view from the Mooney’s Bay hill especially was spectacular. The turnout was great – one estimate was that we had more than 2000 spectators, not bad for the first year back. (read more…)

Saturday, April 26, 2014 – RPCRA Volunteers of all ages came out today despite the rain for the Clean the Capital Campaign.  Today’s crew gathered six bags of garbage along the pathway that connects from the O-train to the Brookfield-Flannery Roundabout. They also cleared some of the debris from the City’s catch basins to help the run off water. (read more…)

The old building at the St. Patrick’s Home is being demolished now that the new building has been built. Pictures taken April 1, 2014. All pictures copyright © 2014 by RPCRA.

(read more…)

Although the cold weather is extending the skating season this year, our rinks are due to close around March 15. Until then, enjoy the skating!

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