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Status of Bayview School Site as of Aug 23, 2016

September 5th, 2016

This is an email to the RPCRA from River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington’s office.

Brockington, Riley wrote on 23/08/2016 1:40 PM:

Brief Summary of Meeting with the Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation on August 22, 2016 regarding the results of the Request for Offers on the former Bayview School site (3071 Riverside Drive).

  • Several offers were received, containing an acceptable bid price, and concept plans that reflected the terms of reference in the RFO.
  • The staff evaluation team is still in the process of evaluating the offers, and waiting on responses to requests for clarification.
  • A report will be presented to the OCLDC Board of Directors at its next meeting on September 7th to request authority to negotiate a final agreement with the highest rated offer proposal.  Staff will also seek authority to negotiate with the second most highly ranked proposal in the event that negotiations with #1 are unsuccessful.
  • Once an agreement has been reached, staff will present a report to the City’s Financial and Economic Development Committee (FEDCO) for its approval (likely in October).  This report will seek approval of the proponent’s concept plan.  The report will detail any differences between the original City concept plan and the new proposed concept plan(if any).  The report will also detail the process for public engagement related to the planning and programming of the park, and will explain that all necessary planning approvals (OPA, re-zoning, subdivision, site-plan) will be subject to the regular planning approvals process, including public consultation, and approval by Planning and Environment Committee, as required.
  • Should the public engagement and planning approval process result in refinements and adjustments to the OCLDC approved concept plan, the OCLDC will not withhold approval of the changes provided you and the community are in agreement with the amendments.
  • Councillor Brockington requested a review of the proposals (#1 and #2) before they are presented to the OCLDC Board on September 7th.  Given the confidentiality of the proposals and the requirements of the OCLDC governance, we will obtain a legal opinion as to whether we can meet with you before September 7th to present anonymous versions of the two concept plans.  The Councillor’s office will schedule a tentative meeting with us in the meantime.
  • Councillor Brockington requested that the for sale sign on Riverside Drive be removed.

At this time, I am not aware of any details of the offers received, who has offered or any other details.  I hope to receive a more fulsome briefing within two weeks time.


Riley Brockington

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