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Potholes and Catch basins



With the mild spring weather, City crews are repairing potholes and clearing catch basins.

Key Facts

Pothole repairs

  • 18 crews are dedicated to filling potholes across the City.
  • To date in 2015, crews have filled approximately 13,500 potholes across the City.
  • It’s routine at this time of year for potholes to appear, especially with freeze-and-thaw conditions. Rain and mild temperatures following a stretch of sub-zero conditions creates stress on the asphalt road surface which can then form potholes.
  • Residents are encouraged to use the ServiceOttawa gateway at ca or call 311 to report potholes.


Catch basins

  • City crews are out clearing snow and ice from catch basins to facilitate water drainage and to reduce pooling.
  • Staff are concentrating on priority roads. Crews are also working on residential streets and responding to service requests as they are received.
  • With 56,000 catch basins in the city, it is appreciated if residents help by clearing catch basins near their home as much as possible and where it is safe to do so.
  • Please report catch basins covered in heavy snow and ice to the City online at ca.

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