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Canada 150 Playground – Construction Updates

Last revised 2016-06-25

These construction updates are provided by the City of Ottawa, Parks and Rec. and posted here for the information of our residents.

The following construction updates are for the week of June 20, 2016:

  • A layer of wood fibre has been placed over the area, completing site preparation for the Giver 150 playground project.
  • Playground construction will commence after the Dragon Boat Festival.

The following construction updates are for the week of June 6, 2016:

  • The excavation for the playground area is complete.
  • Based on soil conditions,  a layer of gravel has been added – 75% of the area is compacted.  The gravel used in this exercise is needed to provide structural support to the drainage layer and playground above.
  • Trenching for drain tile pipes is the next step and is about to start.
  • The contractor is likely working this Saturday to complete the installation of tile drain pipes and the installation of the clear stone gravel drainage area.  Clear stone gravel is similar to marbles with stone pieces being all the same size.   When a  thick layer of this product  is installed,  water can pass through it – much like a vase full of marbles can also hold a fair amount of water.
  • Installation of the filter cloth around the clear stone gravel bed (used to ensure the drainage layer does not fill up with anything that can clog it) and 3 inches of wood fiber will commence next week and will  be  completed  by June 16th .
  • The perimeter construction fence to be removed by June 16th .

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