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Protection of Linton Park, Ottawa

The Riverside Park community became quite concerned when we learned that earlier this year several individuals sought to obtain some of key park and green space along the Airport Parkway for commercial development. Linton Park is located south of West Walkley Road, west of the Airport Parkway and north of the CN rail line in the Riverside Park neighbourhood. It comprises a large and long-established playing field and a sizable area of adjacent undeveloped green space.

Linton Park and its surrounding green space is widely used for a variety of sports, notably Ultimate Frisbee league games, baseball, soccer, and other sports winter and summer and a large number of dog walkers and environmental enthusiasts. It is home to a host of wildlife flora and fauna (e.g. wild turkeys, foxes, rabbits, and the occasional deer and coyote, to mention only a few) including various diminishing species of birds and bees, as well the kind of flowers needed by migrating Monarch butterflies.

On September 4, 2019, the RPCRA Board of Directors unanimously adopted a motion to call for the protection of Linton Park and adjacent green spaces, land owned by the NCC:

Taking into account recent interest in the acquisition from the National Capital Commission of lands around Linton Park for commercial development; and

Further taking into account the significant environmental value and recreational use of Linton Park and its adjacent land to Riverside Park and its many other users;

The RPCRA calls upon the National Capital Commission to refrain from disposition of Linton Park and adjacent land so that it does not become available for commercial or other development which would adversely affect its environmental value and recreational use.

Adopted unanimously September 4, 2019

The RPCRA sent letters to the National Capital Commission and our local Member of Parliament, calling for their support for this important green space.

Click here to read our letter to NCC CEO Tobi Nussbaum.

Click here to read our letter to MP David McGuinty.

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