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Riverside Park Residents Won’t Get Plowed!

Are you shocked by the sudden lack of snow plow competition in our area? You aren’t alone.

This fall, Riverside Park residents learned the main competition for snow removal in our area had been bought out.

Several companies appear to have divided up local neighbourhoods to drive every client in each area to a single company. At the same time, rates for many customers snowballed by anywhere from 30% to 74%!

The CBC explosed the
scandal in an investigative
report on October 7.
Click here to listen.

Concerned residents can click here to file a confidential online complaint with the federal Competition Bureau.

Now a handful of companies have come forward, following the CBC report, to offer their services to Riverside Park residents. The RPCA cannot endorse these companies, but we remain committed to providing options to residents. If you know of another company to be added to this list, please send us an email.

Here are some new snow removal options for our neighbourhood (in the order they have come forward):

Peloso Lawn Maintenance and Snow Removal
     613-260-9566 | |

Mr. Plow
     613-988-7569 |

Kluke’s Roofing
     613-913-0841 | |

    613-791-0997 | |

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