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Urban Coyotes: Be Mindful, Not Alarmed

Urban Coyotes are not uncommon in Ottawa, and they should not cause alarm. Especially at this time of year and in neigbhourhoods close to the Green Belt, coyotes can wander close to residences in search of food. They will not harm humans but can be a threat to pets, especially smaller ones.

If you see a coyote in your neighbourhood, contact the City or the National Capital Commission to report the sighting. The information retrieved from the sighting reports may be helpful to the NCC, MNR and the City in future to help identify areas of the City where public awareness may be beneficial.

NCC Coyote Sightings Line:  613-239-5000

NCC Emergency:  613-239-5353

If you feel that the coyote is an imminent threat, please contact Ottawa Police Service at 9-1-1 or 613-236-1222.

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