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Aidan Brown is the Coyote Kid

Local activist Aidan Brown is a kid with a calling. He’s committed to peaceful co-existence with Ottawa’s amazing urban wildlife, but he’s also passionate about public safety. In the spring of 2020, a 12-year-old Aidan took it upon himself to print off public notices to raise awareness about the coyotes in Linton Park and the connecting green spaces.

Since then his cause has gained traction.

With the support of RPCA Director Terry Wood and the incredible advocacy of Councillor Riley Brockington, Aidan’s grassroots campaign became a permanent notice affixed at the entrance of Linton Park.
Follow the coyote cam on Insta @southendtrailcams
Aidan has recently installed a Coyote Cam in the bush adjacent to the hydro corridor which captures amazing videos of our neighbourhood coyotes and wild turkeys. Follow his trail cam on Instagram @southendtrailcams

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