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3-Way Stop Needed at Fielding/Southmore

Frustrated residents are concerned about climbing motorist speeds that endanger local children near the intersection of Fielding Dr and Southmore Dr W and have reached out to the Councillor Brockington for help. After two years of sounding the alarm about the dangers of the uncontrolled intersection at the mouth of the Southern Pedestrian Tunnel, local residents have appreciated the Councillor’s support, but feel the city isn’t responding adequately to the problem.

“A green sign and a yellow flex stick have not had an impact on climbing speeds. If anything, it has resulted in more erratic driver behaviour, right at the hub of pedestrian activity. There is a consensus in the neighbourhood that the community safety requires a 3-way stop at the Fielding / Southmore intersection and we have asked Councillor Brockington to champion our cause at the city’s Traffic Committee.”

Read the full letter:

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