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Sometimes we just get it upside down,

Selfless contribution and strong civics: Join Riverside Park’s Community Association.

the balance point is us, we are the electors, we pay the bills, we choose those to represent us.


This is the beginning year, where, City Wide and especially within Riverside Park, we frame and launch the 3 year process of new land use zoning, establishing Ottawa’s New Official Plan, redefining neighborhoods, mobility, parks and recreation. Combine this with a new City Planner, Mayoral powers, City councilors, Education Trustees and budget deficit with a automatic 6% increase, all will make for a learning experience like no other, brought to you live, to define the future blue print of Ottawa.

So if you are in the future of Riverside Park, in high school, university, a new resident based contributor, family member, legacy commuter… ask yourself where you want to be, and let’s make it so.

Join the Community Association and Board, represent our 30,000 residents needs, become known, building phenomenal social networks of opportunities, income and social benefits.

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