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October 5, 2022: Annual General Meeting (AGM), New Board 2022-2024

Virtual Meeting click to download:

Agenda with Zoom Link



Councillor’s Report

Transportation Report

The Riverside Park Community Association Board, open for nominations,

The Riverside Park Community Association (RPCA) is an organization composed of residents of the Riverside Park area who volunteer their time to represent the interests of their community.

The RPCA is dedicated to:

  • Maintaining and enhancing the quality of life, the environment and the community spirit of Riverside Park
  • Promoting the interests of the residents of Riverside Park
  • Liaising with local Events and Festivals to promote community values
  • Representing the concerns of the residents of Riverside Park to local, municipal and provincial governments

With the financial assistance of the City of Ottawa and the help of volunteers, we manage gardens, community skating rinks.

Community and Resident Engagement Network Levels

  1. First Level: Select Community Interest area:
    1. Activity,
    2. Program,
    3. Committee
    4. or ask us to initiate one
  2. Second Level: Email area of interest
  3. Third Level: Watch on the Channels
  4. Fourth Level: Membership Join
  5. Fifth Level: Nomination Leadership Area
  6. Community Program Sponsorships and Funding: Policy

This year there are four, open leadership positions on the board, 

Unique 4 year cycle beginnings 2022-2026

This is the beginning year, where, City Wide and especially within Riverside Park, we frame and launch the 3 year process of new land use zoning, establishing Ottawa’s New Official Plan, redefining neighborhoods, mobility, parks and recreation. Combine this with a new City Planner, Mayoral powers, City councilors, Education Trustees and budget deficit with a automatic 6% increase, all will make for a learning experience like no other, brought to you live, to define the future blue print of Ottawa.

See yourself in the future 2026

So if you are in the future of Riverside Park, in high school, university, a new resident based contributor, family member, legacy commuter… ask yourself where you want to be, and let’s make it so.

Join the Board and represent our 30,000 residents needs, become known, building phenomenal social networks of opportunities, income and social benefits.

Civics is a responsibility of citizenship.


As a current member of the RPCA, please send your nomination, nominator and area of interest to our nomination committee: and you will receive confirmation and follow-ups as and if required.

The committee is open to new members.

If you have questions, need information please email: Travis Croken (Chair), Gabriel Gonzalez and Terry Wood

See you all at the AGM October 5th, 7:00PM

NEWS – North East West South

RPCA Mission, Members, Subscribers representation network, a more inclusive environment

Riverside Park Communications Platform Channels and Modelling





YouTube Channel

Virtual Meeting Booking and Hosting

Hydride Meeting Booking and Hosting

Google Workspace for Non-Profits – Network

Instagram 2023 – University Engagement

TikTok 2023 – University Engagement

FCA – Federation of Citizens Associations

Email Directly to Area of Interest in Programs and Programming Networks of Residents

Programs and Programming Networks of Residents Communications and Outreach

  • Schools
    • University Level Mobility

  • Worship
  • Elected Representatives
  • Business

  • Developers
    • Community Benefits Programs:
    • Water Parks,
    • Dog Walk Parks

    • Story telling,
    • Cards, Santa
    • Greeting Fund,
    • Snow Suits
    • Halloween,
    • Spooky Stories,
    • Trick or Treat Deliveries,
    • Pumpkin Round-Up
  • Gardening Committee
  • Rinks & Recreation Committee
  • Rinks & Recreation Committee
  • 2023 Libraries Committee
  • Events and Culture Committee
    • Festivals
  • Land Use, Development and Transportation Committee
    • Sub Development
    • Sub Planning
    • Sub Transportation, Transit & Traffic Safety
      • Traffic Calming
  • Environment and Parks Committee
  • Community Safety Committee
    • Community Safety
    • Habitats and Coyotes
    • Police Advisories
    • Mass Outage Events: Derecho, Rogers, Ice

Riverside Park Community Association Management and Administration



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