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Yes! February 8, 2023 Wednesday, Community Meeting, 7:00PM virtual + Future Trade Routes: Select for agenda

START IMAGINING THE FUTURE ‘Community Based Trade Routes’ TOGETHER: Schools, Parks, Faith, Work, Micro-Markets, Play, Children, Communications… 

Meeting Etiquette:

  • Please write your full name and email in the chat.
  • Please stay muted unless you are speaking.
  • You might be asked to turn off your Video when speaking if it impacts the audio.
  • Please use the ‘Raise Hand’ function if you wish to speak

Zoom Meeting Logon:

Meeting ID: 817 0010 1522
Passcode: 988572

Agenda Timeline

Clock Time Topic
7:00 PM 0:20 RECORD Greetings and Land Acknowledgement: All
    Draft Minutes, Business as a Result, Newsletter: Gabriel & Amelia Louise
    Finance Report: Kevin
7:20 PM 0:25 City Councilor Report: Riley
7:45 PM 0:15 Rink Operations and Social Bookings, Riverside United Market and Active Boating Center: Rob and Team
8:00 PM 0:10 Investment Grants [3] & Developers: Garden, Parks, Dog, Amenities, Environment Hydro Rates, Preparedness Centers, Tour and OSEAN: Marianne, Dave
8:10 PM 0:10 Festival, People’s Rights w Intensification Ottawa People’s Commission, Planning & Housing CA encounter, Zoning delay and Form Function Strategy: Giorgio & Dave
8:20 PM 0:10 Transportation Expressways: Terry
8:30 PM 0:10 Mobility Trade Routes Business Plan, Planning Primer Land Use EG. Parks, Taggart…  March 8 / April 12 Board Workshop & Meetings with CA’s: Dave
8:40 PM 0:10 AGM May 10, 2023 and Members: Board
8:50 PM 0:10 Closing Time: Last Round All
9:00 PM    

City Builders

Riverside Park, City and Community Building Budget Contributions

City Committees and Boards Timeline – Click below on topic to access budget presentations

Board of Health – Budget Tabling  Mon, Jan 30, 2023  5:00 PM
Ottawa Public Library Board – Budget Tabling  Tues, Jan 31, 2023  5:00 PM
Ottawa Police Services Board – Budget Tabling  Wed, Feb 1, 2023  8:30 AM
Council – Budget Tabling (special meeting)  Wed, Feb 1, 2023  10:00 AM
Finance and Corporate Services Committee  Tues, Feb 7, 2023  9:30 AM 
Transit Commission  Thurs, Feb 9, 2023  9:30 AM
Emergency Preparedness and Protective Services  Mon, Feb 13, 2023  9:30 AM
Planning and Housing Committee  Wed, Feb 15, 2023  9:30 AM
Audit Committee Fri, Feb 17, 2023  9:30 AM
Environment and Climate Change Committee RATE TAX Tues, Feb 21, 2023  9:30 AM
Transportation Committee  Thurs, Feb 23, 2023  9:30 AM
Ottawa Public Library Board  Tues Feb 23, 2023  5:00 PM
Agriculture & Rural Affairs Committee  Fri, Feb 24, 2023  10:00 AM
Police Services Board  Mon, Feb 27, 2023  4:00 PM
Board of Health  Mon, Feb 27, 2023   
Community Services Committee   Tues, Feb 28, 2023   
Council – Budget Consideration/Adoption  Wed, Mar 1, 2023  10:00 AM


Riverside Park City Committees and Boards Management Matrix

Riverside Park’s 2019 ‘O’ Trade Route Directions

Riverside Park and Community Association’s Trade Areas

Some of the River Ward Community Association’s Developments

People and Dwellings


Transit and Transitways

New Active Trade Routes

Park Modernization, Inclusive, Accessible …


Actual Transportation




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