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An Opportunity to Discuss the Proposed South-bound Parkway Off-Ramp at Walkley Road

An Opportunity to Discuss the Proposed South-bound Parkway Off-Ramp at Walkley Road

When: Wednesday, October 7, 2015. (RPCRA AGM)
Doors open at 6:30pm, meeting starts 7pm
Where: Riverside Churches, 3191 Riverside Drive
At the request of Councillor Brockington, the Riverside Park Community and Recreation Association is pleased to provide a forum at our 2015 Annual General Meeting on Oct. 7 for a discussion of a proposal to create an off ramp at Walkley Road from the southbound Airport Parkway.

The RPCRA is grateful to City Planning Staff for agreeing to attend and to make a presentation to the assembled gathering. The RPCRA invites residents of Riverside Park to the presentation and subsequent discussion.

To make the most efficient use of the time available for this discussion, residents on our email list were asked to provide, in advance, some questions and concerns about the proposed off-ramp.

While many detailed points were raised by respondents, the emailed questions fell into three main categories: 1) the Rationale for the proposed off-ramp; 2) the Process used to determine the need/value of the proposed off-ramp; and 3) the possible Consequences to the Riverside Park communities of the proposed off-ramp. Finally, category 4) Next Steps looks to the future and deals with how the final decisions might reap the benefits of increased community feedback.

City Planning staff have been asked to respond to the following questions:

1. Rationale
a. What will be the advantages to the residents of Riverside Park if the proposed off-ramp is built, i.e. what current and/or future problems will the proposed off-ramp solve?

2. Process

a. Does the City have access to a comprehensive traffic simulation model?

b. Does the City have appropriate origin-destination data available to feed such a model?

c. Are predictions of traffic volumes, speed and sound levels on West Walkley, Brookfield and nearby streets such as Flannery/Springland, McCarthy Road and Southmore Drive East available through such a model, and could these results be made generally available?

Aside: This is an area where some concerns are expressed by residents, as they read in the newspaper about inaccurate projections of traffic flows on the Vimy Bridge road feeder network.

3. Consequences of an Off-Ramp at Walkley Road

a. What are the expected implications to the safety and quality of life for residents living in the West Walkley neighbourhoods?

b. What measures are being considered to mitigate any such negative effects to Riverside Park residents of the proposed off-ramp?

Aside: This is the area where the most concerns were expressed by residents. Most are concerned about how the following factors will be controlled.
i. cut-through traffic destined for non-local destinations such as Ottawa South,
ii. increases in speeding and dangerous driving practices,
iii. noise, air pollution, and vibration due to increased traffic

4. Next Steps
a. How can concerned residents participate effectively in the remaining phases of the study so that the City’s final scheduled Open House in February 2016 incorporates and allays their concerns?

b. Could the Transportation Master Plan (a pdf file) be made searchable, as this would allow Riverside Park residents to become more familiar with the plans for streets in their section of the City?

1. More information on the Airport Widening project and the Off-Ramp proposal can be found at: The final decisions will be made by Ottawa City Council.

2. Wednesday’s Annual General Meeting has approximately one hour set aside for the information session focused on the off-ramp proposal. Thoughtful questions and comments from the audience are encouraged. An announcement of the RPCRA Annual General Meeting can be found at this link:

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