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Bayview Lands Update 2015-10-12

The old Bayview School site on Riverside Drive has been owned by the City of Ottawa and vacant for the past few years. Several years ago, many residents participated in consultations to determine the best approach for using the vacant lands. Partly because so much time has passed, River Ward Councillor Riley Brockington is holding another round of consultations with residents before a final disposition is made.

Councillor Brockington recently distributed a flyer to residents in the vicinity, requesting feedback. The bulletin was sent to 3,000 homes in Riverside Park, who live between Walkley Road and Brookfield, all houses, apartments and condos. Due to the postal walk, houses on Otterson and Blanchard were also included (Just south of Walkley). It was also sent to local churches, schools and some businesses.

Please click on Bayview-Flyer-ENG.PDF or Bayview-Flyer-FR.PDF to see the flyer.

In response, the RPCRA provided these comments, and Councillor Brockington’s reply is available here.

Please note that the requested feedback period is ending this week (October 15). If you have comments, please contact:
Riley Brockington
City Councillor – River Ward

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