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Represent the Mooney’s Bay Neighbourhood!

If you live in Ottawa Mooney’s Bay neighbourhood, you have the opportunity to get active in your community. 

The Riverside Park Community Association has a vacancy for the Riverside Park West Area. Our association gives voice to local residents and works to improve our neighbourhood through advocacy and social events.

Our community association is run by dedicated volunteers, who hold monthly public meetings to discuss community concerns, meet with our city councillor and coordinate community-run initiatives, like traffic calming, family-friendly events, and community skating rinks.

This interim position is a great way to give community involvement a try. The term of office will begin in March and end in October, when an election can be held for a two-year term of office. Read more about this position in the RPCA Bylaws, Articles 5 and 10.

Priority will be given to candidates who live in the Riverside Park West area, but if none come forward, a candidate from elsewhere in the Riverside Park neighbourhood can be elected.

The election will take place at the RPCA Board of Directors meeting on March 4, starting at 7:00 p.m. Candidates simply need to submit a short statement of interest:

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