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Oct. 31, 2020: Halloween Safe Treats & Activities

Recent public health restrictions have forced us to scale back our Halloween plans, but the RPCA and Councillor Riley Brockington are committed to preserving the magic and mystery of Halloween through safe and free activities for all Riverside Park residents.


If you already registered, your bag(s) will be delivered to your door this evening between 7:00 PM and 10:00 PM. All deliveries are contactless. Bags will be left on your door handle or door step and we will give a gentle knock as we leave.

If you do not receive your bags tonight, send an email with your name, address and quantity first thing in the morning to: This is not available for NEW registrations (the deadline passed on October 29).

For those who missed the registration deadline, you can still participate in the following:

We wish you all a safe and happy Halloween!

We wish you all a safe and happy Halloween.

Treat & Activity Bags Delivered Right to Your Door!

If you live in Riverside Park and registered before the deadline on October 29, we will safely deliver our treat and activity bags right to the door of all children under 12. Contactless delivery will take place in the evening of October 30. If you registered but did not receive your bag by 8 am on Halloween morning, then email

Each bag will be filled with treats, as well as detailed instructions for fun and family-friendly home-based activities.

Generous donations from local residents have enabled us to provide all treat bags for free.

All treat bags will contain nut-free treats and will be safely assembled prior to Halloween and delivered by COVID-screened volunteers wearing masks and gloves.

Home Based Activity Kit

Download the RPCA’s Halloween Activity Book. This book is included in all home-delivered treat bags, but is available FREE to download and print. It includes activites, jokes and more fun stuff. There are two versions of the bingo sheet, so kids can compete to complete rows, columns and diagonals.

These activities provide ideas for safe celebrations within your family bubble.
Click to download!

Online Costume Parade

Post photos of your costumes to the online gallery on the RPCA Facebook Page. This is a safe way to scroll through the community to look for familiar friends and to see all the fun and creative costumes our neighbourhood has to offer.

Live Spooky Story Reading

Crowd around a campfire or in your living room to listen to a dramatic reading of a spooky story about Riverside Park, written and told by local author, Travis Croken.

The family-friendly dramatic reading will air live on Facebook at 7:00 pm on October 31.


Decorate Your Driveway

Residents are encouraged to place their jack-o-lanterns at the end of the driveways, and to decorate their houses so local families can stroll about the neighbourhood admiring the community creativity.

Pumpkin Alley

On Sunday, November 1, residents are invited to place their jack-o-lanterns on the curb anywhere along Mooney’s Bay Place, where they will be on display throughout the day.

All jack-o-lanterns will be donated to an area pig-farm as a special treat to our cloven-hooved friends.

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